Welcome to the exhibition event page! This is an opportunity to build the interaction in distance. 

From now on, I'll collect the interior activities in any format form you guys and translate them into another format. You can send me a voice recording, a dance video, or a small paragraph of free writing. I'll send you back the outcome and see what's your feedback. 

22 Jun

23-25 Jun

Interact With Interiority

Working In Progress

26 Jun




Please send your file via this Google form button below. Then materials won't be used in the artifact and I will keep it confidential permanently. I'll send the outcome back to you and receive the feedback from you. 

I'm looking forward to meeting your interior activities


New Interaction

Sketches, collages and videos based on the feedback I received. 

Thanks for all creative participants!

olga 1.png

White noise cube

Muted cube


Magnetic sound

After finishing the live experiment on Instagram, I've got some feedback from the audiences all over the world.













Thanks for joining!

Audio visualization based on the live stream voice.

Thanks again! Hope you have a good time this week.

Please keep in touch if you have more inspirations or stimulation. I'm keen to have any kind of collaborations! I would love to hear any comments.