Orfeo & Eurydice

by Christoph Willibald Gluck

The main vision of the opera is the transparent symmetric tunnel. I found that the rescuing process is going to the underworld and bring Eurydice back to alive. Also, when I listened to the music the tempo starts from calm and slow tempo, then turn into a fast melody then back to peace and smooth.

The tunnel depicts the process of the story. The perspective shape generates the pressure of the underworld and compresses Orfeo by the space. On the other hand, when he breaks through the gate to the Elysium, the shape also shows the wideness of the place.

*This is a speculative project.

Libretto: Orfeo & Eurydice

Music: Christoph Willibald Gluck 1774 Orfeo and Eurydice

Venue: Sadler's Well Theatre

Scale: 1:50

Mentors: Lizzie Clachan, Tobias Hoheisel, Jonna Parker, Phoebe Von held, Simon Donger