Hello, world is a performance performed in experimenting theatre. It's a story between a robot and the professor who manufactured and researched the robot and the AI system. 

The question is can an artificial robotic installation has emotions or real feelings? Can they really replace human being?

The stage vision is making a fake room for the robot to learn how to act, react, and live like a normal human. The stage designer makes the ornaments on the wall as true as possible, but reveal some structure in front of the audience to remind people that this is a fake room.

Lighting is helping the same aim so we can see the lamps and the beam easily. The violent colours and the led strips are inspired by a fish tank with fluorescent tubes and UV lights. I want to reinforce that we are cultivating a robotic human. 


原著劇本/Uncanny Valley     舞台設計/魏以安    服裝設計/李復真
原著編劇/Thomas Gibbons   技術設計/劉文奇    舞台監督/許正蕾
導演、改編/黃彥霖               燈光設計/耿 正    執行製作/林韡承
演  員/胡大器、彭若萱      音樂設計/蔡昀恬