by Rikki Beadle Blair

Extremist is a semi-devised theatre performance. It starts from a date in a vegan restaurant and expands the idea from Veganism to other topics. It touches politics, abortions, animal slaughters, sex orientations, and radicalisation. 

We were involved in the process of creating the characters and the script. The team is extremely diverse in terms of race, gender, and culture. 

The set is like a playground for the director and the cast to play. The podiums are not only offered different levels on stage, but act like pixels of this artificial space. We used astroturf and fake clouds to create this human-made nature. It's a way of showing the relationship between humans and nature. 

The performance is not celebrating a single ideology, but exposing the hesitation and ambiguity of beliefs. We put the costume in a shade of grey to emphasise the grey-ish condition and use the body as the screen of the video. 

We brought videos into our design as a strong medium. Media is all over our everyday lives. No one can avoid it and we all have different reactions. The experimentation in the performance is challenging the transitional video design and celebrate the unfocused content and the shadows in space. All the obscurity is the actual situation of the character's encounter. 



Venue: Webber Douglas studio

Director and scriptwriter: Rikki Beadle-Blair 

Set, costume, and video designer: Cheng Keng, Deepanjali
Assistant designer: Anastasiia Nazarova

Scenography supervisor Nicolai Hart Hansen

SD: Ali Taie
LD: Alex Thomas
ALD: Luke Marino
PM: Lucy Mewis-McKerrow
SM: Rebecca Natalini
DSM: Mercedes Mole-Jones, Missy Steinbach 
ASML Harriet Norman, Alex Jaouen 
CE: Ciara Moss 
DCE: Pedro Pendao
PSE: William Howe
Video no.1: Ebbe Rodtborg Lauritsen 
Video no.2: Joe Bryant
Costume supervisor: Bex Kemp
Production supervisor: Lars Davidson

Andrew Macmillian 
Ernest Kingsley ‘Junior’
Gbenga Jempeji 
Gurjot Dhaliwal 
Marco Titus 
Martha Watson Allpress 
Molly Cutter 
Denise Laniyan 
Panashe Wakabikwa 

Special thanks:
Simon Donger, Joanna Parker, Nick Moran, Eva Auster, TSD @cssdlondon

Photo credits: Anastasiia Nazarova, Nick Moran