Mirror Talk

by High Contact Theatre

Mirror Talk is a one-to-one performance and inspired by the quarantine, online sessions and video calls during the COVID-19 period. 

@icontact is a start-up company that is inviting participants to experience the latest technology. The experiment will contribute to the development of the products which will solve the gap between peoples' communication. 

This space is made of dust sheets and LED tubes on the floor. Both of them are defining the contour of space and creating a warm white tone.  We are building the space as an introspective environment for the participant to have a dialogue to themselves. It's a safe and cosy feeling but also empathizes with the participant's isolated position. 

The performance is investigating the eye contact between video, live video call and real face-to-face eye contact. We are using the mirror, prerecorded video and sound system to build the interaction and reflective feelings. 

Created by High Contact theatre

Creative team: Neta Gracewell, Elysia Qiu and Cheng Keng

Venue: Camden People's Theatre, Xi An Lao Gang Chang Design village

Date: 8th & 12th Sep 2020, 12 shows. 19-21th and 25-26th Sep 2020,31 shows. 

More information: https://www.highcontacttheatre.com/