The Film


We start improvising and devising with materials in Dance of The Furies from Orphée et Euridice composed by Gluck. Each piece can be an independent performance indoor or outdoor. We are looking for a relationship between body and space. The distance between bodies, spaces, and materials creates relationships. We generate different shapes, textures, and sounds by using our main materials. You might discover the intimacy bodies, sexual symbols, Subconsciousness monologues, and repetition patterns in the video.

Performers: Cheng Keng, Laura Kate Honeybun, Rebecca Looringh van Beeck

Main Materials: Clingfilm, Wood, Clay.

This video was edited by Cheng Keng, Laura Kate Honeybun, Rebecca Looringh van Beeck

Mentors : Jonna Parker,Simon Donger, Dan Scott, Pete Gomes, Laura Doehler