by Junction Theatre

Border is a story between two gay man from Israel and Lebanon. They meet each other on Grindr and can't physically meet due to the political issues. 

There is a border on stage which can be folded and unfolded in different shapes and directions. It is simple but effectively presents the border between the characters. 

When it comes to lighting, I tried to create the intimacy by the generic lamps. Sometimes, they look like in the same space but also be separated by the acting. Sometimes, the light is quite focused in order to build the distance and isolation between the performers. 

Actors: Joseph Samimi, Yaniv Yafe


Writer | Nimrod Danishman

Director | Neta Gracewell 

Original Music | Bar Harel 

Set & Costume Design | Ethan Cheek 

Movement Director | Adi Gortler

Producer & Stage Manager | Maria Majeska

Lighting Design | Cheng Keng

Translator | Adi Drori

Poster & Graphic Design | Shachar Tzin

Poster Photography | Elodie Chiper